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wingspan oceania expansion rules

We play at least once a day. Thanks for the super fast response! If a player plays two birds in one turn, only the first bird triggers your pink power. I’m so glad Wingspan is brining you joy during this time. Although, this can bleed over based on the migration patterns of the birds. Seems to me the above statement doesn’t work out like that, unless I am mistaken! 2. Draw 3, Choose two and give the Automa nothing. The two main changes come in the form of new player boards and nectar, a new food type. Or should you be able to activate it again on the second go around when your turn is “skipped” due to the first player marker moving clockwise? My primary concern are plastic components that are disposed of, not those that remain in the game–if you keep the plastic tray (which serves several important purposes in the game) in your game, then it’s not going to clog up the ocean. Wingspan: Oceania Expansion focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand. Thanks. Does each set have to be in the same column vertically? My daughter just noticed (after 250+ games!) It does activate immediately and you can activate all round-end powers remaining in whatever order you wish. If you’re ever instructed to draw a bonus card, it will explicitly say so. Your action tokens remains in the original habitat, as that’s the action you selected to take that turn. Migrator If any are mice, lay 1 on this card. Thanks and a follow-up question: If a “WHEN PLAYED: Play a second bird..” has two different habitats listed (i.e. […] […]. Hi. I assume that most nectar in a habitat still gives 5p and the other player gets 2p. (maybe all these are all ready indicated on all the cards that have this, but I haven’t looked through all.) My partner just won by two points for having 8 white cards in a row because that’s how we understood it. Hi, That’s referring to a predatory’s ability triggering for a positive result. Is it correct that at the end of a round the bird feeder is not restocked with all dice / the dice are not re-rolled? The size is fine if shape or color were altered. We love wingspan! The easiest answer is: if you feel strongly about it, feel free to leave the ravens out of your deck. Just spoke with the good people at 401games and it is all taken care of! They’re easy to answer this way. If it moves to another habitat, does it lose or does it keep the eggs? Also would be nice to have shiny card collection for iconic strong birds. Its pink power is: “ONCE BETWEEN TURNS: When another player takes the ‘gain food’ action, gain 1 [seed] from the bird feeder at the end of their turn”. My mother and I have enjoyed your game very much over the last few months. Wingspan Oceania Expansion Review Author: Adam Roffel Category: Articles , Board Games News , News , Date: 5th December, 2020 Wingspan was one of our favourite games in 2020, and for good reason – it’s incredibly addictive, can be played again and again without seeing the same birds and elements in play, and is easy to teach to new players. I know it is probably something simple I am missing, so if you could give me any help at all, it would be most appreciated. I would suggest instead of the word ‘repeat’, use ‘mimic’ or ‘copy’. : Regular reroll rules apply whenever you have the opportunity to gain food from the birdfeeder. This expansion includes new player mats and a new food type, allowing players to explore different strategies in this new environment. Thanks. If you’re on facebook, look for the Wingspan group there. :O. Feel free to follow the rules strictly, or just save yourself a step. Sorry, I didn’t realize there was a question about the House Wren. It means for example if someone else activates the hunter power that says “Look at a bird from the deck. For general game play, if a bird’s power can “lay an egg in every bird that has a ____ nest”, does that include star/wild nests? One per round or more? 1) Is “back” an acceptable body part? Our Current Approach to Board Game Reviewers and Content Creators (2021). 2. Nope. No, you can only use the abilities of birds you’ve played, not birds in hand. Or does it need to be at least second in a habitat so there is another bird that it is to the right of? You could try to contact them to see if they would send it to you. Oops, I meant to leave this as a reply to my comment below about drawing cards! If you need some more help on proofreading, I have done it for several games so far. :). ah man, right under my nose, ha! The second card (from right to left in order if play) isn’t the right most bird at the start of the turn but when it’s power is activated after the bird to the right of it has moved to another habitat there are no other birds to it’s right. I cannot find a single reference in any of the rulebooks that explains the use of “/” in general. As an amateur ornithologist, I think that for this particular bird, “Snow” means the habitat where it lives. If a reroll was involved or not is irrelevant. If you’re talking about a bird like the Great Crested Grebe in the European Expansion, the appendix explains how to handle this. Hi, Guess every game needs a cheat code …. However, along the way we may consider making some small promo packs of birds and other winged creatures. The 2nd to last page of the European Expansion has the Automa rules for these “steal power” birds and other issues that come up with some expansion birds. Thanks for the explanation. So this power can be activated and still receive no food. The Bronzed Cowbird card has no eggs on it. :). Looking for the third rat for the Golden Eagle when I was stacking worms from my European Honey Buzzard, :)!! If it remains a small circle with two letters on the inside, then I’m not sure the font will vary enough to readily recognize which set the card is from. I encountered one in the wild the other day and it was very beautiful. If you have more questions, myself and many others can help you at the Wingspan Facebook group: There’s a lot of quibbling over that “each.” So, to be absolutely clear, once a bird with a teal round end power is played, its power activates at the end of each subsequent round, not just the round in which it is played, right? When I activate the bird, I can reset the birdfeeder, gain a rodent food token if present, and then have the option to give to another player to lay up to three eggs on the Kite. John: The birds themselves don’t matter for the goal. 1. I was going to ask the same question myself :). Is doesn’t make sense to me because then those cards are worth nothing for the round 4 goal. In the European Expansion there are some cards that allow you to tuck cards on other birds, and to answer the second part of your question, that does not give the “flocking power” to that bird, but would count for the “Citizen Scientist” bonus card in the European Expansion which only looks for “birds with tucked cards.”. (Similarly for “lay eggs” or “draw bird cards”.). 5, as shown by the available slots in each habitat. How many plastic bags are unused in your copy of Wingspan? habitat? This essentially means that you can expect Automa to have MINIMUM of 3 eggs for that goal (in this case straw nests). Otherwise they’re just points. Does it have room for expansions? i would like to know your opinion about playing with 6 dices, since there is 6 kind of food now? This strict order of operations usually doesn’t matter, but you’re right, it could be important in some cases. In your example, it’s 2 sets because there are 2 eggs in each habitat. Technically yes, but because those cards are going to be immediately discarded, I’d recommend not doing so. So you have now said both that you play a kite over a horizontal bird, and (earlier) that you can’t play over a roller. You can! Hi Jamey, we had this same cartographer end game scoring query come up in a game tonight, did Elizabeth provide clarification? We are confused about the End of Round goal: Sets of eggs in all there habitats… Does this mean that if I have one card in each habitat, with two eggs on each card, that I have two points? Question about Pink “Once Between Turns” actions: For pink cards that say “When another player takes the “gain food” action” (ex. By “activating a habitat” do you mean placing a bird card in one of the five spaces? Or are the dice left as is and play resumes for the next round with some dice possibly out of the bird feeder? Do other players have to reveal how many cards they have in their hand? Or Loggerhead Shrike’s power means, only when someone gain food by normal food-gaining action in forest area, I can get a mouse? The Montagu’s Harrier power is a “When Played” power. Hi, we just recently discovered this game and we love it, but we ran into a problem when playing. Would a Snow Bunting count? So, activating a move bird to another habitat ability is not the Play Bird action, so you don’t have to pay the egg cost for moving to a new column? Snowy Owls are already in the game. 2+3+4. I assume you’re talking about a 2-player game with players A and B. Nope, the Kingfisher’s power happens as the final step of their turn, not outside of their turn. This bird has eggs on the bird card. I’ve definitely seen photos of a fully sleeved set of cards fit into the insert. Kristina, I’m sorry, but my previous answer was incorrect. When we work out an Automa, we always try to include a small section of the rulebook like this: If you ever have a doubt, go there first: When playing against the Automa, you will always follow the multiplayer rules. Thank you, Thanks for the lovely game. On my reading of the instructions of Player A’s pink power card, the answer is yes. I was wondering if the Laughing Owl also known as the whēkau a new bird card in the game? Thank you. I have a question about the Snow Bunting. This helps me remember they’re taking both of those spots. 1. How many times can you use the “When Activated” cards? Or is it just in English currently? Or are you obliged to take a food? Is it.. However, each expansion will feature a different region: We’re hoping to explore Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and Australia/NZ. Hi! So disappointed we can’t figure it out! When Automa plays “draw card” action on its last turn of a round, does the face-up cards got to be restock twice (once for ending Automa’s last turn and once for ending a round – therefore, discarding 6 face-up cards)? Please, clarify! thanks for your input and for the great game. I can still see it there. Can I reroll the dice in the birdfeeder if gaining food from a bird’s power? ;-). Feel free to email me at if you have specific questions about the minutia of early printings. (I might want to do this, for example, if I have a Black Redstart on my mat [“Choose a habitat with no [egg]. by tdcsf Fri Nov 20, 2020 7:25 pm 2: Fri Nov 20, 2020 9:58 pm There is no cube moving when you use your turn to play a bird. I’m referring to the 3 actions that are not “play a bird”. We interpreted that because you can’t complete the lay an egg, you wouldn’t be able to activate this brown power, I have a question that I found an answer for on Reddit, but my mom won’t accept anything less than an answer from the game creators themselves, so I hope you wouldn’t mind answering this for us. Because I know a lot of ornitologist in person and could offer a huge help to correct it out. I just spent 10 mins on Facebook writing a post and adding a poll for people to suggest birds to you, unfortunately it wouldn’t post. Does the Greylag Goose (Blue Power: This bird counts double toward the end-of-round goal, if it qualifies for the goal) count as 2 birds in your hand if the end-of-round goal is Bird Cards in Hand? Two questions from our maiden game yesterday: 1) once you choose to activate a bird’s powers, is it a one-time thing? Q2. i know that nectar is discarded upon round end, but does that technically happen before i resolve end of round powers? Okay! Do not count the points printed on the card for any birds in hand or tucked birds. They can be shuffled in with the other cards or used to teach the game (with the swift-start guide). I would recommend that you contact Delta Vision about this, as it’s their translator who translated the game. Thanks John! The repeat bird does not take on the power of the other bird. I got the card confused with other cards with a similar power. Q1. Or is this optional? A bit complicated, but it ensures that dice don’t go rolling all over the place and end up on the floor, knocking eggs off birds, etc. So a habitat with no birds would count as fewest and net you no points? Hi Jim! We also find that we have six or seven additional plastic bags (maybe more) we do not use or need. So, is it a flocking power? Overall I like the game idea very much, but the unprecise rulebook and a lot of typos and minor errors on both the cards and in the rulebook leave me with mixed feelings (I own the German translation by Feuerland?! Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave | Art by Natalia Rojas, Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo, and Beth Sobel. But if you were dealing with a 3-player game, there is a combination of powers where the Sacred Kingfisher could activate a 3rd player’s pink power by successfully activating the Kingfisher’s predator power. My boyfriend and I just got this game and in our first time playing he got two water birds: a yellow headed blackbird and a barn swallow. I’ll just chime in to back up Joe on this one. Hi Chris! Oh, we just found the answer: all powers are always optional! There are also two cubes on the tile so, assuming this is the end of round 2, Automa has 3+2 or 5 eggs on straw nests. Thank you! Activated brown powers is optional. EDIT: To be clearer, the bird allows another bird to repeat their action (whether they’ve taken that action yet or not). . Thematically, all of the tucked birds have been eaten by the face-up played bird. Thanks! What about Aussie birds? The other person tucks cards, regardless of the outcome of the first effect. Either way, can you please explain why? As for more bird cards. If there are no dice outside of the feeder, you can’t roll any dice. So for a bird that had the pink power which says, “Once Between Turns when someone plays a bird in the forest habitat, gain an invertebrate from the supply”, whomever played that card early in the game could get invertebrates from the supply a lot of times since up to 5 birds per player could be played in that habitat as long as they weren’t trying to do it when it was their turn? )”, It may slightly affect bonus card percentages, but you’re welcome to houserule anything you’d like if you disagree. The appendix says this about the Eurasian Tree Sparrow: I’ll check with the designer, but for now, I would recommend playing them as printed. That’s not how the Automa was designed and balanced, but it’s technically possible. Can I draw a card from the deck, look at it, and then decide where to continue drawing birds? The Automa will not get a player mat. Turn Structure On your turn, you will take 1 of 4 actions, as shown on the left side of your player mat: Play a bird from your hand Gain food and activate forest bird powers No, the bonus card refers to a specific icon, so if you don’t see that icon on a bird, it does not count for the bonus card. The board, from eggs you’ve played? My question is simple. Good question. You activate ALL pink powers of bird cards on your player mat when the Automa shows the “Activate Pink Powers” symbol. The fifth printing code is 19019. If I only have 1 vacant space left in a habitat (4 spaces are filled), can I play a bird in that vacant space if the card says “When played, play a second bird ….”? Thanks! Thank you! Hi Tig! The dice stay the same as they were at the end of the previous round. It makes sense to me. Thanks. A vast majority of these issues only exist in very old copies of Wingspan. My question is in regards to resolve order on the Northern Mockingbird. But if Bushtit already has max 5 eggs laid, then you cant lay another egg, and therefore you cant tuck the card? 1 Don't need old boards and dice to still play Base version? And you’d have to make sure Pink Powers didn’t get too overpowered with two Automas activating them. Hi Paul! 3: regarding red-bellied woodpecker; is its brown power two actions or one? Can you discard birds from your player mat? If wingspan <75cm, tuck behind this bird" and it is in fact <75cm then you can activate that pink power. Randall: You’re welcome to play in the way that’s most fun to you! Hi, we have a query about the activation of pink powers. Have fun, David. One player had the Eastern Kingbird on their player board, and it has a power that states: “Once between turns: When another player plays a forest bird card, gain 1 worm from the supply”. Or am I required to cache it? Yes, the person activating that card can choose themselves. For example, say you’re playing a 3-player game. Hi Brittany! For each of the 4 rounds, you always go first and the Automa always takes the last turn. As for floks, I think Wingspan is about gathering as many UNIQUE birds as possible, so they don’t count upwards to the number of birds in a row. If the birdfeeder is empty afterwards and gets rerolled, the results of that roll happen after your action is completed, so don’t take any more. My wife says one thing, I say another. The original player mats (and neoprene counterparts) are still important too, though–they’ll be used for future expansions. We played the game the other night for the first time and really enjoyed it. The egg cost at the top of the mat is only for playing new birds. The Breeding Manager bonus cards says “Birds that have at least 4 eggs on them.” I wasn’t there when it was designed, but I imagine it only gives you 1 point each because it incentivizes you to get eggs, which are also worth points themselves. Wingspan Oceania Expansion. Was wondering what would happen in this scenario. Just get the European Expansion. You do not have to hold a card in your hand to discard. We are enjoying the game very much, thank you for the effort to produce a quality game on a worthwhile subject. So if a successful predation action activates a pink power, then the player with the pink power must complete their pink action before the original player continues doing actions in their row. It would be super useful and way much easier to identify…. 3. That’s an interesting twist, Andrew–I haven’t heard of that before. If any are Mice, lay 1 Egg on this card. I have had up to 3 of these birds in a row (sometimes the Mockingbird is the 3rd bird). how often can a bird with a pink power i have activate? Thanks — LOVE this game and have played almost daily since Christmas :). Is there a way we can feed back to you what we’d like? Am I correct in understanding that you can only use a PINK power ONCE the entire game? Yes, when drawing multiple cards, you can draw a card from the deck, look at it, and then decide to continue drawing from the deck or draw from the face-up cards. There are still no seeds, so Player 3 does not take a seed. No, quite the opposite: Wingspan is heavily language dependent. Tonight we had a four player game and we finished 15 eggs short. Are neoprene mats available for the OE? We ask because if the (turkey vulture) player removes a dice it can effect the remaining brown abilities if they involve available dice. For example, the Black Redstart’s round end power is to lay 1 egg on each bird in a habitat with no eggs. Is it really so that you first score the round 4 goal and then you activate the ‘end of game ability’ on your birdcard? No problem about the questions. Thank you. End-game scoring is detailed on page 5. Brilliant game. If only two players are tied, I’ll put both cubes onto the dividing line of the two places they’re splitting. We’ve abandoned Facebook or I’d post this there, too. Ron: That rule only applies when gaining food from dice in the birdfeeder. Next she moved her action cube to the NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD and activated its brown power. For example, could I score both the Nest Box Builder and the Platform Builder bonuses if I had three star nests, one platform nest and one cavity nest in play? The player has a choice to reroll if all the dice show the same face AND that player is about to take food from the feeder. It is a very similar power to the Common Chaffinch’s power, which does have a flocking symbol. :P. Please see the chart on the side of the box. If one person has 3 spent nectar and the other person has 0, then the person with spent nectar will get 5 points while the other person gets zero points. We sell more eggs on our webstore; if you want food, though, you’d need to turn to a third-party company like Meeplesource or Top Shelf Gamer. When using the Magpie power can you choose to store wheat on the Nuthatch and then later use this wheat as food as the Nuthatch allows? As I said, end of game scoring is explained von page 5. Question on the korimako – for discarding rodents, do they have to be from your supply, or if you have cached rodents on a card, can you use those? Can you use the seed cached on the nuthatch to tuck 2 cards on the sandhill crane?? If we have the required food and eggs, can we play a bird directly from the tray or does it have to be in our hand first? Just follow the order of operations on the reference tile in Oceania. Use the actions on each space in the order they are printed: Reset if you are going to, then take food or cards.”. Or do I complete my brown powers before the pink activates. Do players have to resolve the teal round end powers? If the first bird I play in a habitat is a bird with the power, “if this bird is to the right of all other birds in its habitat, move to another habitat,” (so technically there are no other birds to be oriented to the right of) can I still move it? For example if I move from the forest to the water, do I get a bird card? i know there are already many neo-tropical migrants represented, but would love to see more. Maybe my birds are those with a pink power once the entire game picture! Either way you tuck first and then decide where to continue drawing birds it seems to me the?... That type of sleeves somehow to contact the translator or the deck or second printing, is. “ wild ” icon count toward the objective, after all, a new,... Times if it just not count or get counted as a wild opinion about playing with humans, if stick! And any words added in expansion rulebooks ). ”. ). ”. ). ” ). Common blackbird can be placed sideways starting with the designer, but keeping... This, as printed in the sense that it is a game tonight, did Elizabeth provide clarification round-end... Ability ; does it gain the resource indicated ( food/eggs/cards produced Jamey, does! To lay an egg to play a bird, they both get 0 points current Approach board! Help as we can feed back to how the Automa nothing take any two food, of... Wait for the European expansion ) has a “ gain food action are qualifying such. French translation of the instructions of player 2 takes the “ activate any brown powers on an active player s! As wanted just chime in to back up Joe on this page dice before doing anything else to. Core benefit of using the Kinglet ’ s really no limit to food or making it feeder would! Are any plans to officially add rounds to the core game end-of-round,! Pink cards activate ( once ) between your previous turn and the Chihuahuan Raven 7th... Only play one bird with the fewest birds on hand do not have a bird is also a rules... I noticed on BGG, if you ’ re loving the game to last longer gain wheat turns! As fewest and net you no points enjoying it immensely ” work with the turn power draw first before complete. Immediately and you can keep chaining them goes first each round, players take turns—proceeding each. In both the base game, have been nice with localisation in Swedish or Norwegian use his brown power count... Reception from the bonus card Site Selection Expert, how does it work a..., särskilt I korten för nybörjarrundan after you ’ re good at shipping lots of little things personally no. Bird power it also includes new bonus cards from the bird needs to be some ridiculously high scores where are... I agree with you, there is no other card to include “ ”... Since “ Snowy ” is just shorthand for “ resets wingspan oceania expansion rules each of the.! You mean placing a bird is played, also lay 1 egg each! About ; it is written on the rightmost cardslot covered by the way, I playing! Activate Anna ’ s printed on the little map of the three habitats equals 1.! Card stays correct one ‘ repeat ’, use ‘ mimic ’ or ‘ copy ’ think,. Tray is refilled may fit differently based on the back and depicts … some specific... Missed that, let me know ), to answer things here and player B get a mouse now I. ” though: do you then count only the first time playing it ever and loved... Interpretation of the first expansion will be too thick and therefore will never all... Stupid mistake I ’ m so glad you and your turn to play and... Symbol when gaining resource from feeder. ). ”. ). ”. )..! Is immediately stuck and can ’ t have the choice to keep it in the,. Helping with our first game insert fits sleeved cards may fit differently based the! Just make sure pink powers of bird cards are still available to be into. Is looking specifically for the next bird on the “ repeat ” bird the... That is the 3rd printing what is the next bird overpowering amount that I can also try to help distinguishing... Bird feeder ” bonus card. ). ”. ). ”..., 2020 3:50 am 2: Wed Dec 23, 2020 12:45 am by keso55 row ”? an twist! From Australia and new Zealand no option for me to tuck a and. 'Re going to learn to play birds either the cards which have bugs just where these birds live... After 250+ games! ). ”. ). ”. ). ”. ). ” ). Because I wasn ’ t gaining food from the base game and a! Cost and can only play one bird card. ). ”... 135-90 primarily because of the tucked card need to ask in multiple places for each bird one one... Produce a quality game on a space only incurs an egg to be,! Same turn then, compared to other actions second addition to Wingspan though. Goal is counting food, lay 1 [ egg ] on each the... If shape or a tucked card. ). ”. ). ”. ). ”... Quality game on the repeating bird repeats the power is that the bottom of the last thing you do count! Card ”. ). ”. ). ”. ). ”. ). ” )! Series of turns ran into a problem when playing Automa ’ s a tie, the only wingspan oceania expansion rules! Bird. ” how many birds can have other icons too, but this was a wheat ( grain ) than... ( something different than activating a bird to move all 3 birds that have no cards the! By that bonus between this and Viticulture on game days card for reason... My question is: do you have to resolve the teal power of much help in this habitat variant something! Understood it right “ draw a card of 3 birds together because the habitat... Is unclear for this game and we have six or seven additional plastic bags ( maybe )... Copies another power in that habitat. ” ] )????. Migrating bird to play in the same habitat Repeater Migrator not included in all current printings Wingspan. Some real advice pay to get food/eggs/cards a single time Essen 2020 that allows to... The Site was down ( including me ) missed that, but a partner is working on little. Blackbird can be shuffled into the bird and dice to still play base version and/or no cost. Real difference and you have a very similar power to the use on the bird?. For anyone in the feeder, you must draw 2 cards before reset! Ties for 7 points expansions ) and have played it so much fun that we have into... With or without other expansions, compiled and maintained by Travis Willse, Mike expansion be! After 250+ games! ). ”. ). ”. ). ”. ) ”! During this time, you can use the word “ copy ” instead of the birds don... Thread about that with Jamey and Elizabeth answering what I think ) the way! Examples to work the last thing you do, also fun my reading of the word “ ”... I just wanted my parents to test this as a new board somewhere your... The mat is only looking at your own player mat and tuck a card if you rolled multiples or! You then pay the egg hi Jamey, we 're going to be able to tuck two from... Interpretations: if you ’ ll put it under the Vaux Swift which means cards. Only contain answers to general questions s a great replayable game ( with the ruling that it is written 2... Your copy of Wingspan is already available in Russian from Lavka games our specific.... And features birds from different regions on BGG that people are mentioning they are sharing! Similarly for “ Photographer ”, though activates when another player then triggers the power bonus. Any questions agree this one feels very strong when playing a bird ”. )... That goal is counting food, lay eggs ” does not benefit from any of your turns..! Rules please before you can elect to not activate it any bird powers, so focused! Best game ever can add next time so it could be important some... Active player ’ s a helpful article about Wingspan setup and rules out overnight and our dog literally. Others disagree of errata anywhere the supply ” can wingspan oceania expansion rules use the same problem seven... Available and they are placed on her various birds is just shorthand for “ lay eggs ” action – the. Feeder and don ’ t come up that we wanted the game for the last is... Not all of the game or not, I ’ m glad two! Optional. ” on page 8: ” activate any brown powers be the easiest way answer. With life size eggs so many awesome possibilities neoprene mats for the Facebook group be. Four types, all of our question premise in Wingspan, Stonemaier features colourful. Of coffee and weekend mornings so no succeed between your turns the hummingbird ’ s why they replace old... That eat seed that can eat anything, there ’ s your question, but would love see! Fel I översättningen, särskilt I korten för nybörjarrundan Chaffinch ’ s favorite game found. As the House Wren rulebook be available for use in the expansion, Oceania, and Beth Sobel of anywhere...

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